‘American Sniper’ Fake Baby Catches Everyone’s Attention, Hilarious Comments

American Sniper

As you may have heard, ‘American Sniper’ had a HUGE opening weekend at the box office – 90 million dollars, 105 million through the MLK long weekend. After all the Oscar nominations and opening up about 3,500 more theaters to show the movie, it was obviously a big hit. No pun intended.

Clint Eastwood was obviously on a tight budget.

Even though the movie has gotten rave reviews, some controversial comments, and future award nominations, some people cannot get past the fakest baby in cinematic history. Bradley Cooper’s character’s baby was CLEARLY fake. I mean, the fakest of fake. This movie cost $60 million to make and how much of that went to this plastic doll?


Screenwriter/Executive Producer Jason Hall tweeted and then later deleted his defense about the plastic baby, saying the “hate to ruin the fun but real baby #1 showed up with a fever. Real baby #2 was no show. (Clint voice) Gimme the doll, kid.”

What child would miss the opportunity to be held by Bradley Cooper?

It seems this fake baby has brought the people who hold opposide views of ‘American Sniper’ back together.


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