Giant ‘Friends’ Plot-Hole Explained By One Simple Detail

[Photo caption: Buzzfeed]

Friends is a show that will live on as a classic forever. The majority of the show takes place in Central Perk, the local coffee shop. It seems Central Perk is always busy and a pretty popular place. This raises a huge question, how is it that Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel always seem to get the prime seats, the couch? Every episode, no matter how packed, the Friends cast is sitting in their favorite spot. Well, Buzzfeed has the answer that will explain the seemingly plot-hole.

It is all answered by this one photo.

Friends Sofa
[Photo credit: Buzzfeed]
Do you see it? Let’s try again.

Friends Reserved
[Photo credit: Buzzfeed]
The couch was reserved for them all of the time! It’s a small detail that shows how much attention was put into the production of Friends. If you look closely, the reserved sign is on the table every episode. Good thing Netflix has every Friends episode for your binge-watching pleasure. Make sure to look for it during your marathon!

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