The Life Of A Clash Of Clans Addict [Video]

Clash of Clans

YouTube user, Esther Anderson, created a video to show just how real the struggle is for a Clash of Clans addict.

If you aren’t addicted to Clash of Clans yet, chances are you have at least seen their television commercials. This free mobile application game lets players create and build a village that they must defend from attackers. Users can also attack other villages and join clans to team up against other players. It may seem a bit strange, but it is one of the most popularly downloaded apps for Android and Apple mobile devices. Many are confessing their addictions to the game.

Developed by Supercell, the game has rave reviews from both critics and regular users. The game is free to download and play, but there are also opportunities to speed up play by making purchases. This approach seems to be successful. The game has earned more than $279 million. Not too bad for a free app.

The large fandom has created thousands of websites, videos and tutorials dedicated to the free app.

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