Scorcese, DiCaprio, De Niro Movie Trailer Isn’t Exactly For A Film [Video]

The Audition

It would be one of the most star-studded films to hit the big screen, but it isn’t. The newly released “movie trailer” features Martin Scorcese, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro in what looks like a thrilling casino themed film. In reality, the trailer is really just a teaser for a promotional video for the City of Dreams Manila and the Studio City Macao, a string of casinos being developed in China and the Philippines.

Named The Audition, rumor is the short film (more like a really expensive commercial) cost a whopping $70 million to produce. What do expect when it is directed by one of the greatest directors of our time, Martin Scorcese, and brings together three of Hollywood’s biggest actors. Make that four! Once released, The Audition, will also supposedly star Brad Pitt.

The short film, commercial, promotional video, whatever you want to call it will be released later this year.

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