Taylor Swift Surprises Fan With $1989 Gift [Video]

Sometimes it pays to be a Taylor Swift fan. Literally.

The music star surprised one of her fans this week with a letter, a couple of gifts, and a check for $1989.

Swift sent the package, which was labeled “SwiftEx,” to 25-year-old Rebekah Bortnicker, who apparently was having a hard time paying her student loans. The singer heard about Bortnicker’s financial troubles and decided to do a little something to help her out.

According to the BBC, this sort of thing is actually pretty common for Taylor Swift. The singer has millions of fans and occasionally she decides to surprise one of them with some unexpected generosity. That means that right now Taylor Swift could be looking at your (if you’re a fan) Twitter feed, or Tumblr Blog, or Facebook page to find out your likes and needs in order to give you an awesome “SwiftEx” package.

If you haven’t received your Taylor Swift gift yet (I know, I’m still waiting for mine too) you can revel in Rebekah Bortnicker’s joy as you watch the video below.

Dan Evon

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