Viral Star Sophia Grace Releases Music Video, Sorta [Video]

Sophia Grace

Sophia Grace is no stranger to the spotlight. The viral video star is back with a new music video, if you want to call it that. The pop song, entitled “Best Friends”, features Sophia Grace singing about being a great friend surrounded by a gaggle of other little girls. At 11 years old, the viral star has grown up since her rise to stardom with her rendition of Nikki Minaj’s “Superbass.”

The song is definitely one of those annoying pop songs targeted at younger girls. The video includes Sophia Grace and her friends playing dress-up and a trip to K-Mart. Nothing says dance party like K-Mart.

The little girl is working to break back into Hollywood after her parents pulled her from portraying Little Red Riding Hood in the hit film, “Into The Woods.” Her parents believed the role was a little to grown-up for her.

Sophia Grace owes her popularity to YouTube after her and her cousin, Rosie, reenacted “Superbass.” The video went viral and the duo was invited to appear on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

The rest is YouTube star history.

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