Shia LaBeouf Has Dance Battle In Sia’s “Elastic Heart” Music Video [Watch]

shia labeouf and maddie in sia video

Well, no one saw this coming.

After Sia’s success with her song “Chandelier” as well as the amount of views and reinterpretations of her music video, no one is surprised she brought Dance Moms star dancer, Maddie Ziegler back for another video to Sia’s song “Elastic Heart.”

This time, Maddie is not alone but finds herself in a cage with actor Shia LaBeouf having some type of interpretive dance-off. In the video, LaBeouf and Ziegler appear to be having a dance fight, trapped inside this cage in the middle of an industrial studio. When Ziegler finds a way to escape, she tries to show LaBeouf but he is unsuccessful.

“Elastic Heart” was directed by Sia and Daniel Askill, like “Chandelier” and is a follow up featuring some of the same dance moves.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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