Sony Unveils New Walkman At CES 2015

Sony is bringing back the Walkman! Kind of. The Sony Walkman ZX2 won’t play cassettes, but it will play just about every digital audio file you can throw at it.

The Verge reports that the ZX2, which will retail for about $1120, was designed with serious audiophiles in mind. It supports DSD, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and Apple Lossless files and has 128GB of built-in-storage (as well as a micoSD slot if you want to carry more songs). The new Sony Walkman also supports Bluetooth and NFC for connecting speakers and headphones.

Sony says that the new walkman is “the fruit of continuous refinement in high audio quality technologies.”

Here’s a video about the new ZX2 from CES 2015.

Mike Fasulo, president of Sony Electronics USA, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, said: “The new Walkman ZX2 is a great example of the quality of our high-res audio offerings. This Walkman is tailored for outstanding sound, and every piece of material and component has been crafted to realize the ultimate high-res audio experience on the move.”

The new Sony Walkman may impress audiophiles but some were less than enthused with the new device. CNN Money, for instance, notes that the ZX2 runs on Jelly Bean, an outdated version of Android that came out in July 2013.

Dan Evon

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