Lady Just Can’t Figure Out Gas Tank, And It’s Hilarious [Video]

gas gauge

Chances are this lady wasn’t sober when she decided to fill her car up with gas. She just can’t seem to figure out what side her gas pump is on. Fortunately, the entire debacle was caught on camera and the viral video is available for your enjoyment.

We have all had moments where we pull up to the wrong side of the gas pump. No problem, just park the car on the other side, right? Well, it is a huge problem for this poor lady.

Here’s a helpful hint for all the people out there that just can’t figure out this whole gas pump thing. Every car is now made with a helpful icon on the gas gauge. Next to the little gas icon, there is a arrow triangle. Whichever side the triangle is on corresponds with what side the pump it on. You’re welcome.


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