North Carolina Drops The Possum Drop

North Carolina has dropped its annual tradition of dropping a live Possum on New Year’s Eve.

According to Time Magazine, the annual possum drop was dropped from the New Year’s Eve schedule after the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, filed several lawsuits against the city of Brasstown, NC.

It’s unclear what will replace the live possum. Clay Logan, the organizer of the event, told the Charlotte Observer that the town may use a stuffed possum, a toy, or even a dead possum.

Logan said: “We may have possum stew or something if we find one dead … No live possums, let’s put it like that.”

Logan said that it’s possible that a live possum will return to the possum drop in the future. The event’s organizer said that he wants to resolve the issues with PETA before dropping another live possum on New Year’s Eve.

PETA claims that the annual possum drop is an event that celebrates animal abuse. Logan disagrees, however, saying that this is one of the rare times when the possum is honored.

Logan said: “We honor the possum. We don’t shorten their lives – we prolong his life. They’re going to get run over anyway.”

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