Disney Announces 2015 Film Lineup And It Will Be Epic [Videos]

Walt disney pictures

Disney has announced their 2015 film lineup and it looks like we are in for a year of blockbusters! Blogger, Allmommywants, has the scoop on the exciting year.

It looks there will be a new film released pretty much every month. Here is what you can expect:

Strange Magic (Touchstone Pictures/ Lucasfilm) : January 23

McFarland, USA (Walt Disney Studios) : February 20

Cinderella (Walt Disney Studios) : March 13

Monkey Kingdom (Disneynature) : April 17

Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel) : May 1

Tomorrowland (Walt Disney Studios) : May 22

Inside Out (Disney/Pixar) : June 19

Ant-Man (Marvel) : July 17

[Photo credit: Allmommywants]
The Jungle Book (Walt Disney Studios) : October 9

Jungle Book
[Photo credit: Allmommywants]
The Untitled Steven Spielberg Cold War Spy Thriller (Dreamworks Pictures) : October 16

[Photo credit: Allmommywants]
The Good Dinosaur (Disney/Pixar) : November 25

[Photo credit: Allmommywants]
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Lucasfilm) : December 18


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