Machine Gun America: Rambo’s Answer to Disney World

Between Busch Gardens, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, Florida has its fair share of attractions — but the recent opening of Machine Gun America might just be its most high-octane tourist destination yet.

The 13,000 square foot park allows visitors to live the life of an action hero, firing live ammunition from fully-automatic machine guns and what the park’s operators describe as ‘legendary firearms’. It may seem like a joke, but Machine Gun America is very real — and rather reasonably priced.

For $30 you can take a shot at a military-grade simulator, with options including a Wild West shoot-out and a zombie attack — both of which are presumably not used as military training exercises. However, if you’re wanting something a little bit more real, for $99 you can go the whole hog and have a genuine machine gun put in your hands. Here, your choices range from ‘Gangster Land’ to ‘Automatic Divas’.

Each different experience has its own guns for you to try out for yourself. There’s a fair arrangements of Glocks, MP5s and other brand name weaponry, but things really kick into gear for Machine Gun America’s ‘Big Screen Legends’ package.

There, you’ll be able to replicate some of your favorite on-screen shooters; if you’re feeling lucky (punk), then you can fire off five or six shots from the same Magnum as Dirty Harry himself. Or, if you’re looking to replicate a character from the other side of the tracks, take Tony Montana’s ‘little friend’ in hand and fire indiscriminately from your M16.

Machine Gun America is pitched as a great outing for bachelorette parties and company events, and its website promises that attendees will make ‘automatic memories’.

What do you think of Machine Gun America? Is it too much to offer real firearms as part of a leisure activity, or is there nothing wrong with making guns fun? Let us know in the comments section below, or get in touch on Twitter by following @SocialNewsDaily.


Brad Jones


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