Mom Shields Son From Seeing Boobs On TV With Towel, Becomes Viral Internet Meme Immediately

mom towel

Parenting, am I right?

Redditor, DantesInferno, posted the picture below less than 19 hours ago and it has become the latest internet sensation. The picture is his mom covering up boobs on TV with a towel. Best part is, DantesInferno commented on how his is 22 years old… and gay.

mom towel

The picture was quickly downloaded by many others and photoshopped into other pictures creating the funniest thing to come from a simple parenting decision. All of the photos below were found on Reddit by other users. DantesInferno saw all the photos, showed his mom, and they shared a great laugh.

towel 16

towel 3

towel 8

towel 10

towel 14

towel 2

towel 4

towel 9

towel 12

towel 13

towel 1

towel 7

towel 11

towel 15

towel 5

towel 6

“My mom LOVED these! She was laughing for a solid 10 minutes. Thanks everyone!”


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