Walmart Wants Your Unwanted Gift Cards

What do you plan on doing with all of those unwanted gift cards you received this holiday season? You don’t have to spend that $50 at that store you hate. Turn Uncle Joe’s candle shop gift card into something you really want. Walmart has a way to help.

The superstore retailer has created a gift card trade-in program. In exchange for those unwanted cards, Walmart will give you an e-gift card. If Walmart doesn’t have what you want, then you are really hard to buy for and I don’t blame Aunt Jane for getting you a card to that old lady store.

Walmart will accept cards from more than 200 retailers. There is one catch, you won’t receive the full value of the card. Depending on the store, Walmart will pick a price, up to 97 percent face value.  You can get estimates on your gift card trade-in values on their Card Cash website.

The Card Cash program should be successful for the retailer. Fortune reports that “62% of shoppers earlier this year said they would like to receive a gift card, according to the National Retail Federation. The average person buying gift cards will spend $172.74 this year, the NRF said, with total spending expecting to reach $31.74 billion.”

Even though so many people say they prefer to receive gift cards, the majority don’t receive a card from a store that they prefer to shop out. Kind of a vicious circle…

The best part of the deal? You don’t even have to step foot in a Walmart to redeem the offer.

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