‘The Interview’ To Be Released On YouTube [Report]

The Interview

In addition to showing The Interview at a few hundred theaters, Sony is also reportedly planning on releasing the controversial movie on YouTube.

The deal hasn’t been finalized, however, and Sony is expected to partner with a few other online distributors. The company could also put the movie out on its own website.

CNN reports: “YouTube, the world’s largest video web site, has tentatively agreed to help Sony Pictures distribute “The Interview” via the Internet, according to sources with direct knowledge of the ongoing negotiations… If Sony Pictures can get the deal done in time, “The Interview” will have a historic simultaneous release in both living rooms and theaters.”

The Interview hasn’t been well received by critics but the controversy surrounding the film will probably lead to a major audience. Of course, Sony will have to figure out how to let people watch it and how much to charge them.

Sony CEO Michael Lynton said: “We are continuing our efforts to secure more platforms and more theaters so that this movie reaches the largest possible audience.”

The Interview was originally scheduled for a nationwide release of about 3000 theaters. Sony pulled the movie after it was hacked reportedly by a North Korean group known as the Guardians of Peace.

Dan Evon

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