Iggy Azalea: The Talk Of Twitter, Will.i.am. And Lupe Fiasco Defend Artist

Iggy Azalea. A name Twitter has seen a lot of recently. From her American Music Awards win, to being silent about Eric Garner’s death, and feuding with rapper Azelia Banks, the Australian born rapper has been facing a lot of hate on social media recently. On top of that, an anonymous twitter profile has been threatening Iggy Azalea, saying she has to apologize to Banks or Iggy’s sex tape will be released.

Drama. Drama.

Iggy has had positive spirits throughout it all and in the middle of this twitter backlash, has announced her upcoming north american tour dates. Personally, I have to give Azalea props for how she is handling herself. Even when it came to Snoop Dogg telling her she looks like the Wayans brother from the movie White Chicks… she made it her Halloween costume.

It seems as if other celebrities are sick of seeing anti-Iggy messages online. Will.i.am and Lupe Fiasco send some tweets of their own to distinguish the hate that says Iggy Azalea is not a hip-hop figure.

Lupe Fiasco addressed the situation head on by responding directly to an Iggy hater:

Iggy saw the tweets and thanked Lupe and Will.i.am for their words. I’m sure she wishes that more than 240 characters were allowed, the following 10 tweets were posted after these well-known artists defended her.











Azelia Banks has yet to comment on the latest Iggy-Twitter take down.

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