Richard Simmons: MIA For Almost A Year

Richard Simmons

Exercise and weight loss guru, Richard Simmons, has been MIA for almost a year now. TMZ reports the eccentric fitness coach hasn’t been seen by friends and family for the majority of the year. His closest friends say they haven’t seen him since January 11. A close friend says this is unlike Simmons, who is known as a “social butterfly.” Even stranger, he hasn’t been to his fitness studio in 6 months. Pretty odd behavior, considering the man has lived his life consumed by working out. The source also said the strange anti-social behavior seem to began after a knee injury. Shortly after the injury, Simmons began to suffer from depression. Fans and friends have began to worry. Thomas Estley, a rep for Simmons released a statement.

“The truth is very simple, he has a knee injury, and it’s serious enough to keep him from doing what he loves most: exercising and motivating others.”

[Photo Credit: Simmons Facebook Page]He continues saying that Richard Simmons will be back into action once he is healed. The rep adds that while Richard does need surgery, “he’s been hesitant to get it down because he had the same surgery on the other knee some time back and it was very difficult for him.” Estey also says that the fitness guru will be “back and better than ever, when he’s ready.” Friends and fans aren’t buying it because of recent incidents. For example, Simmons was very close to comedian, Joan Rivers. He was a no-show at her funeral. A close friend’s mother passed away and Richard didn’t even call him on the phone to offer his condolences. Estley responsed once again to the accusations, saying Simmons is not a shut in, but that he simply wears a disguise when he goes out into public. Fans argue that Simmons would never hide from his fans. He is known for his “exuberant personality and love for his fans.”

[Photo Credit: Simmons Facebook Page]After the statement from Estley was released, a post was made on Richard Simmon’s Facebook page.

“I am so touched by the outpouring of love and concern I have received today. I have had a tough time dealing with this injury, as it is keeping me from doing what I truly love to do and that is to teach classes around the world. Make sure you keep Sweatin’!”

The post received thousands of likes and comments, which shows how adored Simmon’s really is.

A TMZ cameraman visited Richard Simmon’s residential estate and reported the house as being “devoid of life.” Even more unusual is the lack of Christmas decorations. Apparently, Simmons always decorates for the holiday with lavish lights and decorations

The story gets even stranger. Visitors say they have tried to pay the exercise guru a visit, but the housekeeper refuses to let guests into the house. No one, no matter who, has been let into the house.

This is unfortunate news. Richard Simmons is a man that devoted his life to others. There are many people who owe their life to his coaching and mentoring. He was the go-to person for all things fitness in the 80’s. He has helped countless people lose weight and learn how to live happy and healthy lifestyles. He has built a fitness and weight loss empire focusing on meal plans and at home workouts. He embraced the message of loving yourself and other. Unfortunately, it seems that Simmons has lost sight of his own advice.

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