Dr. Evil Interrupts SNL To Mock North Korea, Sony Attacks

Dr. Evil

In true Dr. Evil fashion, the movie villain interrupted the cold open of Saturday Night Live to mock North Korea, Sony, and ‘The Interview’ debacle. Dr. Evil, portrayed by Michael Meyers, took several jabs at everyone, and everything, involved in the controversy.


The hilarious cameo was placed in the SNL episode hosted by Amy Adams. The episode also featured appearances from other SNL veterans, such as Kristen Wigg and Fred Armisen. Boy band, One Direction, served as the musical entertainment and participated in a couple of sketches.

With all of the talent present, Dr. Evil still stole the show as he presented his message to North Korea about giving “evil a bad name.” He then proceeded to make wisecracks about the hacking group, Guardians of Peace, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, James Franco, and others.

First, he warned North Korea that there were more important things to kill than a movie.

“It’s easy to kill a movie, just move it to January,” Dr. Evil continues with a point to Sony about ‘The Interview’. “Why would you have  James Franco assassinate Kim Jong-un. The man almost single-handlely killed the Oscars.”

He took even took a jab at the hacking group calling themselves the GOP, an abbreviation for Guardians of Peace.

“There is already a GOP and they’re already an evil organization.”

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