Exercise Your Right To Vote: Chicago Blackhawks Get Retro With Their All-Star Voting Campaign [Watch]

chicago blawkhawks

It’s that time of year again. That time of year hockey fans get all excited, besides the Stanley Cup of course. It is voting time for the all-star team.

2015 all star vote

2015’s Honda NHL All-Star Game will take place January 25 in Columbus, Ohio and the voting as begun. Hockey fans are committed, but sometimes NHL teams need to step it up if they really want to come out on top. That is exactly what the Chicago Blackhawks did.

Chicago Blackhawks team Captain, Jonathan Toews, gets in his short shorts for the Blackhawk’s new retro voting campaign video called: “Exercise Your Right To Vote.” It is hilarious. You’ll see parts of these players legs, you haven’t had to chance to see before. If you don’t vote, or don’t even watch the video, Toews will be very sad and frown like this:

toews sad face

You can vote for the Chicago Blackhawks here.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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