Jenny Slate Sing ‘Landslide’ As Marcel The Shell [Video]

Billy Corgan’s version of “Landslide” is haunting. Stevie Nicks original rendition of the song is a classic. Marcel the Shell’s version of “Landslide” is… well, it’s awesome. Comedian Jenny Slate appeared on Conan this week and gave an amazingly cute performance of the Fleetwood Mac song.

Slate said that she’s been working on a few cover songs as Marcel the Shell. In addition to her rendition of “Landslide,” she’s also been working on a few Rolling Stones covers. Unfortunately, she only gave us a taste of Marcel the Shell’s musical career.

Slate said: “I’ll just do a little bit because I don’t want you to have to pay.”

Here’s Jenny Slate singing “Landslide” as Marcel the Shell.

Slate only gave us a taste of Marcel the Shell’s singing voice but, as Conan said, it’s clear that this little shell has “pretty big lungs.”

Slate played Marcel the Shell in the 2010 short Marcel The Shell With Shoes On. She moved on to less animated rolls on shows like Kroll Show and Parks And Recreations and recently finished up filming the movie Digging For Fire. 

Do you think it’s time we get a Marcel the Shell album?

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