Amazon to Offer ‘Prime Now’ One-Hour Delivery Service

Online shopping is great — particularly during this festive season — but sometimes have your order shipped to you the next day just isn’t good enough. Now, Amazon have announced something that would have seemed to be science fiction fare not so long ago; one-hour delivery.

The days of next-day deliver being good enough are apparently over — and 3D printing isn’t quite ready to make our purchases completely instantaneous. However, for now, it’s difficult to imagine anyone not being satisfied with having access to a wide range of essentials thanks to Prime Now.

It’s perhaps more of a move against online grocery shopping than anything else, as Amazon are going to be offering things like breakfast cereals and cleaning products alongside more typical items like consumer electronics and clothing. This could well be where Amazon makes the jump from your go-to for particular online purchases to a one-stop shop for every single thing that you buy.

The Prime Now service will be offered exclusively in Manhattan as part of this trial period, but it’s expected that more cities will be announced soon after if it’s a success. However, it seems that the service will probably be limited to major metropolitan areas; there’s no way such speedy delivery could be offered to customers further away from a warehouse or fulfilment center.

Still, this is big new — and almost certainly something that we’ll see grow in popularity throughout 2015. It seems that, finally, the internet is living up to the promise of a worldwide system of interconnected computers; giving us an excuse never to leave our homes again.

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Brad Jones


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