Dreidel Gets A Hip Hop Hanukkah Makeover


Hanukkah begins tonight and no proper Hanukkah celebration is complete without the popular Jewish toy, the dreidel.

But, as with every tradition, it has undergone a modern twist. Cue the Dr. Dreidel. Yes, hip hop has met Hanukkah. ABC News sat down with the artist behind the unusual creation.  During the interview, she says she has spent months thinking of funny puns for the holiday when she came across Dr. Dre.

“The more delight I can bring the world, the better,” said Rothstein. “I want to be a fun-gineer.”

Check out these photos of the toy.

Dr. Dreidel Dr.-Dredeil-in-Box Dr.-Dre-Hay Dr.-Dreidel-Nun Dr.-Dreidel-Shin Dr.-Dreidel-Gimmel

The traditional dreidel is a spinning top with four sides and is a holiday staple among Jewish children. Traditionally, each side of the toy is labeled with a Hebrew letter. The letters form an acronym for “A Great Miracle Happened Here.” The letters also form a mnemonic for a Yiddish gambling phrase.

[Photos credit: hiphopdx.com]

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