The Last Five Years Trailer Released, Anna Kendrick Is Belting The High Notes [Watch]

the last five years

Oh, Anna Kendrick is in another film where she is singing? Some people may not be aware of Anna Kendrick’s start in Broadway. She is currently the third youngest Tony Award nominee at just 12-years-old for her prominent acting role in the Broadway musical “High Society.”

Kendrick, currently steamrolling the singing leads in “Pitch Perfect 2” and “Into The Woods,” can now add “The Last Five Years” to her list in the latest musical-turned-movie.

She stars alongside Jeremy Jordan in the film, based off Jason Robert Brown’s off-Broadway production with the same name. There is no release date for the film just yet, but it already has people singing as a Facebook top trend.

Who wants to see “The Last Five Years” now?

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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