Small Girl Starts Impromptu New York City Subway Dance Session, Goes Viral [Watch]

grateful dead girl dancing subway

How does one make a video go viral? If it includes a adorable little girl dancing in an underground New York City subway station to the Grateful Dead’s “Me and My Uncle” cover, then you guessed correctly.

This Brooklyn station was all smiles when this little girl could do nothing else but dance to the music, whatever genre it could be, she danced. Her infectious moves and bright-eyed smile turn some others onto dancing with her. Pretty soon, she has a whole gang of dancers enjoying the tunes while they waited for the subway.

Seeing others dance around her, she became so happy she even screamed (:41). For those two minutes, it seemed like everyone else had a glimpse of sunshine underneath the NYC streets.

Her moves and happiness certainly went viral on the internet with over 4 million views on this video.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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