Vimeo Launching Movie Rentals In Early 2013

Vimeo is a bit behind the curve when it comes to offering movie rentals, but announced this morning, its pay-to-view movie service will launch early next year. The service will completely launch at and as a bit of a preview, there are six movies currently available to rent.

Unlike YouTube, which features all different categories of movies, including new releases and big blockbusters, Vimeo will appeal more to the independent community and offer a way for them to get their movies out there to the masses and easily monetize.

The movies available now to watch are Jeremy Jones’ Further, Sons Of The Clouds, Beauty is Embarrassing, Shut Up And Play The Hits, We Are Legion, and Sunny. Pricing and rental duration are quite different from other platforms.

For example, at least in its current state and depending on the movie, you can rent a movie for $5 with a viewing period of seven days, $4.99 for two days, and $9 for 60 days.

This is just a small sampling, and since video creators can set their own pricing and rental duration, we’ll see these numbers change as movie rentals fully launch.

Vimeo continues to be a great video platform for many creative types and with this new feature, in addition to Tip Jar, which was launched recently and allows creators to receive tips for their work, it’s turning into a much more monetizable service.

You can watch the video below for a quick glance at the current movies available to rent now.

Mike Stenger

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