Evergram Launches New Features Geared Towards Special Occasions

Evergram may sound like a combination of Evernote and Instagram, but the startup is best known for creating special memories and inviting others to interact on shared digital albums which include text, photos, and videos.

Best described as a future messaging platform, today it’s rolling out new albums that go beyond just weddings and newlywed couples. Users will be able to create albums for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, congratulations, retirements, baby showers, family gatherings, social causes, and even living memorials for those who have passed.

How Evergram works is simple: After creating an account, you can choose what the occasion is. Once you’ve done that, you can add specific content to the digital album that people you invite can interact with. The interface looks very nice and sleek, and when it comes to managing privacy, you’re totally covered.

Digital albums can either be public or set to private where only a select group of friends and family can see and interact with them. The service was created after founder Duncan Seay was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and wanted a way to easily share memories with his loved ones.

Fortunately, Duncan’s cancer is in remission and his experience can go directly towards further building out Evergram.

To generate revenue, it’ll rely off of a freemium model which includes micro-payments. With $900,000 in funding led by Syncom Venture Partners, it’s off to a great start. Currently, Evergram is in beta and during which it is completely free to use. To request an invite, you can go here.

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