Thanksgiving as told by (clueless) College Students [Watch]

Today is Thanksgiving, a day to celebrate and give thanks for all that you have. It’s also a day full of turkey and stuffing, awkward family dinners, and tweeting out #thanksgivingfail stories from under the table.

Thanksgiving is also a day of reflection. So why not reflect on the history of the holiday itself?

If you need a break from Black Thursday/Friday shopping (and people who have taken to social media to show how upset they are that Black Friday has moved into Thanksgiving territory), check out this hilarious and misinformed video of college students struggling to come up with the origins of Thanksgiving.

This video was recorded and planned by the University of Boulder’s Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform last year. They sent out a “reporter” to interview students in passing, to see if people knew the true story of Thanksgiving. Students were asked to relay the story of Thanksgiving, as they remembered it.

Some students were on point, while others were way off. The Pilgrims landed in 1810… right? Did their ship really have a name?

Their reciting was hilarious and pretty inaccurate.


Grace Buchele Mineta is a quirky Texan freelancer, living in Tokyo with her Japanese salaryman husband. She runs the blog “Texan in Tokyo”, where she draws comics about her daily life as a newlywed navigating silly cultural misunderstandings as an interracial couple.


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