Unlocked Amazon Fire Phone Goes On Sale For $199, Includes Prime Membership

Amazon’s Fire Phone didn’t exactly fly off the shelves when it was released. But maybe this sale will help. The online giant is now selling unlocked Fire Phones for $199. Oh, and they’re also including a year of Prime Membership (a $99 value).

The Next Web reports that the price of a Fire Phone with no contract was originally set at $650. After the phone failed to meet sales expectations, Amazon decided to start slashing prices.

The company reportedly has about $83 million worth of Fire Phones waiting to be sold. The new sale could help Amazon recoup some of those losses.

amazon fire phone

The Amazon Fire Phone isn’t a bad phone. It’s hardware puts it on the same line as the Moto G and it comes with Amazon specific services like the “Mayday” button, Firefly, and Dynamic Perspective. With Prime, the phone also includes a growing media library that currently includes “tens of thousands” of movies and “unlimited streaming” from Amazon’s music library.

Of course, there’s a big trade off. The Fire is an android device but it doesn’t include Google services. The phone was also released with a pretty high price tag for what it was offering.

Amazon executive David Limp said: “I think people come to expect a great value, and we sort of mismatched expectations.”

That might not matter to some people but it was enough to turn the Fire Phone into a flop. But Amazon may be able to resurrect it’s bid into the mobile market with this new, Amazon Prime included, deal.

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