Passengers Push Plane Across Frozen Runway [Video]

There have been several reports today warning about chaotic travel over Thanksgiving. Well, at least you can be thankful that you aren’t stuck at the Igarka airport in Siberia. A group of passengers had to push their plane onto the runway after it got stuck in the ice.

According to Mashable, a 30-ton Tupolev 134 froze to the ground at the Siberia airport after temperatures dropped to -60 degrees Fahrenheit. More than 70 passengers had to push the plane in order to get it on the runway.

A spokesman for UT Air said: “The passengers disembarked to lighten the weight, and then they volunteered to move it.”

Of course, you can’t push a plane without taking a selfie.

Locals are used to the freezing temperatures but machines struggle in the cold. Still, the passengers didn’t seem to bothered by their situation. One man was heard joking: “Real men can plant a tree, build a house and push a plane.”

Here’s a video of the passengers pushing the plane out of the snow.

Thanks to some passenger intervention, the flight was able to leave on time and landed safely a few hours later in Krasnoyarsk.

Dan Evon

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