Katy Perry Blasts Paparazzi On Twitter

Katy Perry isn’t a big fan of the paparazzi.

The singer was in Australia this week when she was reportedly hounded by a few photographers. According to Perry, she asked the photographers several times to leave her alone but they continued to follower her around the beach.

She also managed to capture a few photographs of her own.

Perry is currently in Australia for her Prismatic World Tour. The singer will be playing 23 dates in the country until she leaves in December. Unfortunately, that means that Perry will probably have plenty more run-ins with the Australian Paparazzi over the next few weeks.

Katy Perry’s final message to the paparazzi was a little strange. She calls out a specific photographer, Jamie Fawcett, who has a notorious reputation for harassing celebrities, and said that he took a picture of her while she was naked. Perry also claims to have photos of Fawcett’s “tiny penis” and “huge gut.” There’s no proof that either of these photos exist. Katy Perry may try to stop the paparazzi from taking her photo during her time in Australia, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t see the singer in the land down under. Perry has been sharing several photos of her trip on Twitter and Instagram.

Dan Evon

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