100-Year-Old Woman Sees Ocean For First Time [Video]

A 100-year-old woman saw the ocean for the first time this month.

Ruby Holt spent most of her life on a rural farm in Tennessee but earlier this month, just a few days before her 101st birthday, she took a trip to Orange Beach, Alabama, and looked out at the Gulf Of Mexico.

Holt said: “I’ve heard people talk about it and how wonderful it was and wanted to see it, but I never had the opportunity to do so.”

According to Yahoo News, Holt was able to visit to the beach thanks to Brookdale Senior Living Solutions, where she lives, and the Wish Of A Lifetime Organization.

Mark Davis, executive director of Brookdale’s Sterling House, said that two caretakers heard about Holt’s wish to see the ocean after a water fight last summer.

Davis said: “They did a water gun fight out in the courtyard during the summer and water got brought up, the beach, and that’s what she told the girls, that she had never been … When we got to the room yesterday she was just pointing out the ocean and, you know, her facial expressions and … she was just speechless.”

OK, get your handkerchiefs ready and check out the video below.

Dan Evon

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