Paralyzed Dog Found On Beach Gets A New Home

Sure, the internet can be a very mean place. But that doesn’t mean that great, heart-warming things don’t also happen on the World Wide Web. Leo, a paralyzed dog that was found on a beach in Thailand has finally found a new home.

paralyzed dog on beach

Canadian Meagan Penman found the dog, whom she named Leo, while vacationing in Thailand last summer. The dog was in pretty bad shape and Penman tried to find a rescue to take him in. When that didn’t work out, she turned to the internet to raise money in order to get Leo back to Canada.

Penman wrote on the GoFundMe page: “While on vacation in Thailand I came across this dog in horrible condition… He drags himself around by his two front legs to get around, leaving his back legs extremely raw from the friction of the ground. I’ve contacted a bunch of rescues I’m the area but they are all full/don’t have the resources for such an extreme case. Please help me raise money to bring this poor guy back to Canada where he can get the vet care he needs.”

Penman eventually raised more than $7000 and was able to get Leo back to Canada. After getting the dog to a vet, she started a Facebook page with the hopes of finding someone to adopt Leo.

Well, today was that lucky day.

She writes on Facebook: “Leo is currently in Sarnia, ON with his foster momma Jamie! Right now we are focusing on his recovery and settling. She is a really awesome person and I am very happy that he ended up with her. I am by no means a professional dog rescuer but I could not have left him there so I did what I could to get him home. This truly was a group effort and I really appreciate all of the support. I’m moved by all of the kind comments and messages.”

Here’s a photo of Leo with his new foster mom.

adopted dog

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