New Picture Sharing Start-Up Favery Rivals Pinterest

For those who are addicted to the ability to share and gather pictures on Pinterest boards, might quickly become another addiction. This Portland start-up came to fruition in February of this year and launched on October 15th. Despite being in beta mode, its popularity is growing rapidly. Not only can users gather images similarly to how boards are created on Pinterest, but they can also get advice from other users. That’s the primary difference between these competing social media sites.

Favery’s founder, Anne Nichols, explains: “Her start-up takes Pinterest’s accessible bulletin board-style format ‘to the next level’ by giving users the ability to interact with others and to ask for opinions on what to buy and do,” reports the Oregonian.

In addition to Nichols, investors helped grow the idea.

“Investors David Hehman and Howard Love approached Nichols in February to completely reinvent an already existing start-up called Tabstart, which had a business model that revolved around organizing and sharing favorite websites.”

So, even though Favery was her idea, she didn’t do all the work alone.

Because her intent is to create a social media site that goes beyond the social sharing provided by Pinterest and bridges into instant polling, she predicts partnerships with retailers online will begin as user registrations continue growing by the week. She also notes that, even though all age groups are encouraged to use the site, she is targeting a specific demographic. Ideally, the site is geared to women who mirror her 44-year-old bracket, and fall between 24 and 44-years of age.

Jenn Greenleaf
Jennifer Greenleaf is a full-time freelance writer and author hailing from the great state of Maine!


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