Facebook Now Allows Users To See Most Updates With Special Link

Facebook has received quite a bit of criticism over their EdgeRank algorithm, which determines if content is displayed in the newsfeed depending on a variety of different factors. Now, by using a special link, you can see most of the updates from friends and pages you have liked.

This feature seems to completely bypass EdgeRank for the most part, and you can see it for yourself by going here. Currently there’s no word on whether it’s something that is being tested or will become fully implemented.

By going to the link above and setting it as your main Facebook homepage, it should be noted that you may find your newsfeed a bit overwhelming. After all, friends and pages you’ve interacted with less-and-less over the months or even years, will now appear.

Even though this special link has “all” in it, you won’t see all updates. For example, information such as friends liking other statuses and Open Graph activity typically seen in the live ticker (Listening to, reading, etc.), won’t display.

Also, unlike the regular newsfeed, it won’t automatically update. However, with a little bit of ingenuity and using an auto-refresh extension, that can easily be fixed, but will be very annoying if you’re leaving a comment at just the right time.

Over on Inside Facebook, commenter Gurupriyan KS shared a modified link which will show the most recent posts and not just top stories. To try that out, you can go here. While this isn’t the best solution to bypass EdgeRank, it is a welcomed addition, and Facebook users who want to see more content from those they know, like, or are friends with, can now easily do so.

Mike Stenger

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