Guy Fieri Without Frosted Tips And Beard Went Viral, It Is Horrifying

Guy Fieri

Don’t ask “Why?” just say “Thank You..?”

There is no way Guy Fieri would be a top trend on Facebook for any other reason. Not because of this restaurants, TV shows, or work over the years. This Facebook top trend is based solely on this looks.

For some unimaginable reason, Twitter user @gewqk posted a photoshopped picture of Guy Fieri with “normal” hair and facial hair. The tweet was posted back in June, but none of that matters because the world needs to be reminded of what is “Guy Fieri” with a soccer dad look.

Here is the original image so you can compare. But don’t forget to let the photoshopped picture stay with you for the rest of the day. Possibly lifetime.

guy fieri with frosted tips

[Photo credit: Twitter]


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