Retweets Don’t Always Lead To More Clicks [Infographic]

Twitter users and business owners have long argued over the most important metric, whether it’s the number of followers or other factors, and according to a new study by Dan Zarrella of Hubspot, retweets do not necessarily mean more clicks.

Even with a decent following, only a small fraction of your followers will see your tweets at any given time. This is due to them also following X amount of people and dealing with other noise. Retweets have long been found to be one of the greatest indicators as to how well you’re doing on Twitter. However, if you’re promoting content from a blog for example, clicks may not be one of those results.

Dan analyzed a whopping 2.7 million tweets which contained links to see how well they performed after being retweeted. Among the findings, the study showed that there was no significant relationship between the number of clicks a tweet gets and the number of retweets it gets.

Out of the nearly three million tweets, 14.64 percent of those retweeted had zero clicks and 16.12 percent had more retweets than actual clicks to a link. Part of these findings had to do with a call to action such as “Retweet.” Those that used such a call got more retweets on average, but received fewer clicks.

Alternatively, tweets that contained the @ symbol from retweeting someone or mentioning someone as the creator, saw far more clicks, but less retweets overall.

This study goes to show that retweets aren’t a fool-proof metric when seeing how well you’re doing on Twitter. You can check out the full infographic below.

Mike Stenger

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