Jimmy Fallon Tries his Hand at his Best Bono During this Tonight Show Performance

When Bono injured his shoulder in a cycling accident just before his scheduled week long residency with U2 on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon stepped up to the plate in a big way:

The Tonight Show host showed off his musical chops by jumping in and performing U2’s song “Desire” with his house band, The Roots.

What was the verdict from Tonight Show fans? Well, if social media is any indication, Fallon’s take on U2 was a big hit:

More than one Twitter user was thoroughly impressed by the adeptness of Jimmy’s musical performance on his own show:

Fallon may not be Bono, but he’s no slouch of a singer. This isn’t Fallon’s first foray into the music world.

In 2002, the music video for Fallon’s song “Idiot Boyfriend” off of his debut comedy/music album The Bathroom Wall got decent rotation on MTV. Fallon’s second album, Blow Your Pants Off was released in 2012. Maybe this fill-in for rock icon Bono will inspire a third album?


We’ll see.



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