Charlie Brown and Snoopy are Making their Big Screen Debuts and Here’s the Trailer

Charles Schulz’ beloved Peanuts series is making a comeback in the form of a new Peanuts movie.

The trailer for what is officially titled, “The Peanuts Movie,” features all of our childhood favorites:

Woodstock, Snoopy, and of course Charlie Brown and the gang make their way to the big screen and into our hearts. This will be the first time a Peanuts movie has ever been released in theaters.

The trailer shows Snoopy in his classic airman inspired attire surrounded by Christmas lights and ornamentation. He then flies his plane — aka doghouse — into Paris and nearly collides with the Eiffel Tower before being brought back to reality. Can’t wait.

You can follow developments of the movie at their own Twitter handle @PeanutsMovie where they announced the ‘leaked’ trailer


Snoopy also made his Vine debut in May last year with a stop motion video:



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