Neo-Nazi Group Tricked Into Raising Money For Charity

The residents of Wunsiedel, Germany, managed to trick a neo-Nazi group into raising money for an anti-fascist charity.

The Guardian reports that far-right extremists have been marching through Wunsiedel for decades, as it is the burial site of Rudolph Hess, Hitler’s deputy fuhrer. Well, this year the residents decided to combat the march with a unique approach.

The town, along with the Rechts Gegen Rechts (rights against rights) foundation, turned the neo-nazi march into an involuntary walk-athon. Residents and businesses pledged to donate €10 to a program called EXIT Deutschland, an organization that helps people leave extremist groups, for every meter that the group walked.

A video of the largest involuntary walk-athon was released this week. A narrator in the video states:

“The further they march, the more money is collected … In other words, for every step they take, the neo-Nazis campaign against neo-Nazis, and unwittingly finance more and more defections from the extremist scene.”

Town residents handed out bananas and hung banners to encourage the neo-nazi group to walk as far as possible. In the end, the town ended up raising about $12500 for charity.

Rechts Gegen Rechts writes on YouTube:

“On November 15th, neo-Nazis walked through the streets of Wunsiedel. We could not stop them – but we could make them walk for something meaningful: and that is how for the first time a right-wing memorial march became a charity walk – without knowing of the participants.”

Check out the video below.


Dan Evon

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