Snapchat Introduces Snapcash Causing Concerns About What Teens Are Going to Do With It

Snapchat is widely thought of as an app used mostly by teens and college students. And it’s also got a reputation as the go-to app for “sexting.”

The company recently turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook. Now, they’ve unveiled an apparent method of monetizing their increasingly valuable product:

There’s been a lot of commenting on Reddit about how Snapchat’s latest addition is going to be used. The top comment being a post by user “raydelmundo” quipping:

ill snapchat you a dollar for a pic of your boobs….. yep that will definately take off

Most seem to think Snapcash will be a way for users to trade money for nude photos. There’s been a lot of criticism that Snapchat is looking for a way to monetize the app’s popularity as a sexting tool and has found it through Snapcash.

This despite the fact that polls suggest only a small percentage of Snapchatters use the app for sexting purposes.



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