Charles Manson Is Getting Married

charles manson

Mass murder Charles Manson is getting married!?

Manson, who is currently serving a life sentence, reportedly has plans to marry a 26-year-old woman named Afton Elaine Burton. No date has been set for the wedding but the Associated Press confirmed that Manson did receive a marriage licence on November 7. Manson and Burton will have to get hitched before February or they will have to reapply for the licence.

Star said: “It’s going to happen … I love him.”

It’s unclear if Manson feels the same way. The serial killer told Rolling Stone Magazine in 2013 that Burton was telling lies about their relationship.

He said at the time: “That’s a bunch of garbage … That’s trash. We’re playing that for public consumption.”

Manson has not commented on his new marriage license.

Regardless if Charles Manson actually gets married or not, his life won’t really change. The 80-year-old murderer will still spend the rest of his life behind bars. He has no parole date and he is not entitled to conjugal visits. Burton said that there are “certain things next of kin can do” for Manson but she did not elaborate.

Debra Tate, sister of actress Sharron Tate, who was killed by Manson and his followers, said: “I think it’s insane. What would any young woman in her right mind want with an 80-year-old man? The devil is alive and well.”

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