Plane Carrying Bono Loses Door Midflight

Bono had a pretty jarring experience this week when the door of his plane came off mid-flight.

According to Mashable, the U2 singer was flying from Dublin to Germany when the rear door of the learjet 60 D-CGEO fell off. The plane was reportedly flying at about 8,000 feet when it lost it’s door. No one was injured in the accident but Bono did reportedly lose some of his luggage.

Germout Freitag, an official with the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation, said: “The ground crew realized the door was gone and two suitcases had fallen out … Officials have not yet located the two suitcases or the hatch door, but they have been able to pinpoint the area where they are likely to have landed by the radar.”

Aviation expert John Nance said that none of the passengers were in danger at anytime during the flight.

Nance said: “What happened here is very unusual, but they were never really at risk. The passengers may have been scared when they heard a noise, but they never lost pressurization.”

CNN reports that the plane was carrying Bono, two pilots, and four other passengers. None of the other members of U2 were on the flight. The plane landed safely at the Schönefeld Airport in Berlin.



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