Cards Against Humanity Launches ‘Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa’

Yesterday, the creators of irreverent party game Cards Against Humanity launched ‘Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa’, this year’s follow-up to the well-received holiday promotion that they ran back in 2013, ‘Twelve Days of Holiday Bullshit’.

Fans of the dark humor that makes the card game special will be treated to ten mystery gifts over the course of December for $15. What exactly the gifts will comprise of won’t be revealed until they arrive on your doorstep; indeed, last year, there were some reports of individuals getting wildly different gifts from the masses. More common fare was mini expansions to Cards Against Humanity and a charming game entitled ‘Clusterfuck’.

Alongside these trinkets were obscure clues that could be used to solve a wider puzzle. Designed to be far too difficult for just about anyone to complete, last year’s puzzle had fans poring over their packages with a blacklight, checking mailing information for any hint of a patterns and generally delving deep in the hopes of being able to solve the mystery.

All of this work was done knowing that the punchline of the whole thing could very well be that there is no way to solve it; that’s exactly the sort of cruel joke that Cards Against Humanity is built around. Regardless, it seems that this year’s effort will be a far bigger endeavor than last year, with 250,000 spots available rather than 100,000. However, since the website went up yesterday morning, over 100,000 of those spots have already been snagged — so if you want to get on board, you’ll have to get a move on.

Cards Against Humanity found its funding on Kickstarter some three years ago, and it’s particular sense of humor has made it a huge hit on the internet. From the groundswell of support that its crowdfunding campaign found, to the collaborative approach to solving last year’s holiday puzzle, this game is big online — and as such, it’s of little surprise that news of a second holiday special soon whipped Twitter up into a frenzy.

The sheer pace that spots were filling up had some fans worried there wouldn’t be room for them; last year, it took just six hours for the much smaller allocation to sell out. It’s unlikely that any more will be released after the initial 250,000, as according to FAQ materials, the project is already costing its creators money — that’s some holiday cheer for you.

Looking back to last year, you can see a glimpse of the fun that this year holds for those that manage to get in on time.

Are you getting in on this year’s ‘Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa’ celebrations? Or do you prefer to celebrate the holidays in a more traditional way? Let us know in the comments section below, or get in touch via Twitter by following @SocialNewsDaily.


Brad Jones


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