Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Does ‘Karate Kid’ Routine [Video]

Ian, the Atlas Robot created by the Google-owned robotics lab Boston Dynamics, has just learned how to do the iconic routine from Karate Kid. 

According to 9to5Google, the Atlas Robot stands at 6’2″ and weighs about 330 lbs. Still, the massive heap of metal is graceful enough to pull of the praying mantis pose from The Karate Kid. Ian hasn’t mastered the jumping portion of the routine yet but he can be seen in the video balancing on one leg on a pair of cinder blocks.

You can check it out below. (WARNING. You might want to turn down your speakers.)

The Atlas Robot was first unveiled in 2013 and has seen several upgrades since then. It can now walk, climb, lift heavy objects, and even drive.

Boston Dynamics writes: “Atlas is a high mobility, humanoid robot designed to negotiate outdoor, rough terrain. Atlas can walk bipedally leaving the upper limbs free to lift, carry, and manipulate the environment. In extremely challenging terrain, Atlas is strong and coordinated enough to climb using hands and feet, to pick its way through congested spaces.”

The Atlas Robot may have mobile capabilities but at the moment it is still powered by an electric generator that is connected via cable. Boston Dynamics is hoping to eliminate this restriction in the near future.

Dan Evon

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