Boston Bruins ‘Tiny Fist Bump Kid’ Won Over The Internet [Watch]

boston bruins

Even though the Boston Bruins won on Tuesday night, the talk of the game involved a small boy, renamed “Tiny Fist Bump Kid.”

His actual name is Liam Fitzgerald and he is the Boston Bruins biggest fan, or the Boston Bruins may be the biggest fan of Liam. He is a 7-year-old cancer survivor with down syndrome. His sweet reactions and little fist bumps really melt your heart. The video was only posted two days ago and it has almost 2 million views.

Liam sat patiently during pregame warmups and bumped each players hand. Apparently, Gregory Campbell’s bump was a bit strong.

You don’t have to like hockey, the Boston Bruins, fist bumps to love this video. Watch above.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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