Artie Lange Refuses To Apologize To The ‘PC Army’

You know this story: Celebrity says something stupid, internet gets angry, celebrity gets dumped by brands, celebrity apologizes. Rinse and repeat. Well, for Artie Lange, we’re at the part in the story where he should be apologizing for the offensive tweets he sent earlier this week but that just isn’t going to happen.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Earlier this week, Artie Lange sent out some sexually explicit tweets. The comedian saw reporter Cari Champion on TV and decided that it was a good idea to tell the world about his sexual fantasies. It was pretty gross and it upset a lot of people on the internet.

The fury was so intense that Comedy Central cancelled Lang’s appearance on @Midnight. 

Which brings us to the apology part of the story. Well, Artie Lang did issue a statement in response to the internet outrage but it wasn’t exactly an apology.

Lang said that he was sorry if he offended Cari Champion but for all of the other “PC Warriors,” Lange had a different message.

Lang writes on Facebook:

“I’m about to say a few things I can’t believe have to be explained in a rational world. I observed that Cari Champion was a gorgeous lady. I then thought it would be funny to tweet JOKES about that observation. A decision which might be the end of modern comedy. I would rather load trucks for a living then ever apologize to one of these awful PC groups ruining the country. So that’s a NO. But if it upset the lady in question that’s another story. Let me say to Cari Champion if this hurt u in any way I’m sorry. I’m a comedian. Sometimes I’m funny! For the record my moms disgusted w the tweets. But if I based my humor on my mom I’d be broke.

“They’re now telling me I can’t appear on @Midnight tonight cause of the pressure they’re getting from these groups. But who cares. I love the show & it’s my living but who cares. These groups have won again. All I care about is Cari Champion. Truly. But I’m sure you’ll be ok. You’re gorgeous & talented. I hope that didn’t offend u. To the PC army. Congrats! U won again! Gluten free cake! I’ve been asked not to appear on @midnight & uve ruined any chance I had at dating Cari Champion (That was a joke).

“I’m not racist. I don’t hate women. And to u PC groups that did this I wanna be clear. Go FUCK yourselves! Now get back to saving the world. Done. Peace.”

Cari Champion has not responded to Artie Lange’s comments yet.

Dan Evon

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