What in the World is a Health Goth?

Fitness trends are nothing new; whether it’s a sudden increase in Yoga practitioners or the recent rise of Crossfit, people are always on the lookout for the hot new way of getting in shape. But what about a fitness trend that’s not really about fitness? What about a movement that’s just concerned with dark sportswear? That’s Health Goth, a new craze that is sweeping the nation.

However, there’s plenty of confusion as to just what Health Goth means. Making matters worse, there are two main proponents of the trend that are directly at odds with each other; the Health Goth Facebook Page, and the official Health Goth web site. HealthGoth.com is run by Jonny Deathface and offers up a Health Goth Bible as well as a selection of novelty t-shirts.

The Facebook page, on the other hand, is operated by Chris Cantino, Mike Grabarek, and Jeremy Scott — who have criticized HealthGoth.com for its ‘tacky’ t-shirts, as well as decrying its focus on physical exercise in the gym. The trio were first on the scene with their Facebook effort, and maintain that actual exertion was never really part of their ideal for Health Goth.

So what is Health Goth? It depends who you ask, really. For some it is just as simple as wearing a pair of black tracksuit bottoms and a black Adidas t-shirt. However, for others, it’s a very specific diet plan and exercise regimen — Jonny Deathface maintains that both running and carbs are something any Health Goth should avoid at all costs.

For anyone outside of the scene, Health Goth is simply a bizarre trend that seems to have little to no substance. That said, it’s been covered in major publications like Vice, Marie Claire and The Guardian. More importantly, it’s been covered — at length — on Twitter. Here are some of the best tweets giving you the full low-down on Health Goth.

Pro Health Goth

As with any burgeoning movement, there’s plenty of people hungry to get in on the ground floor of Health Goth. If this does take off big, you can claim to be one of the pioneers of a huge fashion trend — and if it falls flat on its face, you just need to delete your tweets promptly.




Anti Health Goth

Of course, something as new and fresh as Health Goth is going to have its detractors, too. Is it because they just don’t understand, or is it because the trend makes no sense? We’ll leave that up to you.




Health Goth Agnostic

All this being said, we’re still living in an era where most people are still undecided upon the merits of Health Goth. It’s a tricky subculture to get to the bottom of, so if you find yourself as confused as these people, don’t worry.

What are your thoughts on Health Goth? Are you a Health Goth yourself? Let us know in the comments section below, or get in touch via Twitter by following @SocialNewsDaily.

Brad Jones


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