Jetpack 2.0 Lets WordPress Users Publicize To Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, And LinkedIn

Jetpack 2.0 Updates

Automattic, the owner of, has released Jetpack 2.0, a plugin that now allows users to publicize their posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. It also allows users to send in posts to their WordPress hosted blogs and webpages.

The company’s blog post about the update reads:

“The past nine releases of Jetpack have started to reveal our vision for next-generation features that will boost WordPress’ incredible success by making it more social, more connected, more mobile, and more customizable.”

Instead of using multiple WordPress plugins, users can now go to Jetpack and connect on one page using Publicize. The Post by Email feature is also very useful for people who are on the go and connected with Gmail, Outlook, or their mobile device. Users will be able to email anything they want from photos and audio files to text and they will convert it into a post.

Jetpack Photon will also be extremely useful for photographs. The blog post explains:

“Jetpack Photon … [makes] the advanced image acceleration and image editing service from available to the broader WordPress community, essentially making every image a fully dynamic object that themes and plugins can transform to their heart’s content without killing your server.”

Along with the new features, the Jetpack 2.0 update also fixes a lot of bugs from previous updates that will help make the app more smooth, secure, and stable.

Melissa Stusinski
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