Marijuana Laws: Oregon, Alaska, Washington D.C. Vote Yes, Florida Votes No

Yesterday’s election wasn’t all about senate control. Several states also voted on marijuana measures.

Washington D.C., Oregon, and Alaska all voted in favor of marijuana legalization. Florida, on the other hand, voted against the use of medical marijuana.

Tom Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority, said that Washington D.C.’s decision could have a major impact on the country’s view of marijuana. Angell said: “With marijuana legal in the federal government’s backyard. It’s going to be increasingly difficult for national politicians to continue ignoring the growing majority of voters who want to end prohibition.”

Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance said about Oregon, was also positive about last night’s results. Nadelmann said that it was difficult getting young voters to the polls during the midterm election which made last night’s victory a pleasant surprise.

Nadelmann said: “It’s always an uphill battle to win a marijuana legalization initiative in a year like this, when young people are so much less likely to vote, which makes today’s victory all the sweeter. The pace of reform is accelerating, other states are sure to follow, and even Congress is poised to wake from its slumber.”

Do you agree with Nadelmann? Is the legalization of marijuana inevitable?

photo credit: Alexodus via photopin cc

Dan Evon

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