How The McRib Gets Made (It’s Not As Gross As You Think)

Are you ready for a shocker? The McRib is really made with pork.

Former Mythbusters host Grant Imahara recently visited a McDonald’s food-processing plant to find out how a McRib gets made. Surprisingly, it’s really not as disgusting as you might think.

Kevin Nanke, the Vice President of Lopez Foods, said: “The only thing in a McRib patty is pork, water, salt, dextrose — which is a type of sugar — and preservatives which are BHA, propyl gallate and citric acid which as used to lock in the flavor.”

This is the second installment of “Our Food. Your Questions,” McDonald’s new campaign to set the facts straight about its food items. The company has already released a video to debunk some rumors about its “pink slime.”

Kevin Newell, executive vice president, chief brand and strategy officer for McDonald’s USA, said: “We’re proud of the food we serve our 27 million U.S. customers every day, yet we know people have unanswered questions. So, we’re inviting everyone in the U.S. on a journey to learn more about our food. We look forward to the opportunity to have an open conversation and to show people firsthand how we make our most iconic menu items.”

You can check out the video about the McRib below.

Dan Evon

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